My Little Oyster Farm

Barnstable Sea Farms -- Oysters

Barnstable Sea Farms was started in 1991. Growing oysters is not easy work, especially in the winter, but there is a lot of satisfaction knowing that you have produced the best product you possibly can.

We have 7.5 acres in production in three distinct areas which allows us to harvest to order on a year-round basis. With a 3.5 acres site in West Bay of Osterville that is sub-tidal (meaning it never goes dry), we are able to harvest all winter, guaranteeing fresh product to our customers. We also have two 2 acre sites in Barnstable Harbor, one across from Sandy Neck Light, close to the clean clear waters of Cape Cod Bay, and another 2 acres in the back of their harbor where the warmer waters serve as our nursery.

Now we can deliver oysters to the best Mid-Cape restaurants who are our loyal customers. We are fortunate to be able to choose our customers and sell to people who we enjoy dealing with and restaurants that we like to eat at.

We belong to the "Cape Cod Buy Fresh Buy Local" movement and give preference to restaurants who deal with locally produced products. We know our customers appreciate a fresh product and we don't let them down. We have always grown our shellfish in a sustainable manner and observe the "Best Management Practices" of the industry. We are happy to say that we leave the ocean cleaner than we found it, Shellfish are filter feeders and actually cleanse the water as they grow!

I guess the best thing about Barnstable Sea Farms is the taste of the oysters (at least that's what my friends tell me). Once you've tried them you'll know what I'm talking about.